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Medtech PHO import

The following instructions explain how to import the PHO register (patient information) into Medtech.

 NOTE: December 2018 - A change has been made, follow instructions carefully

First of all, you need to make sure the file has arrived: look in the Karo part of the HealthLink FF_In folder (e.g C:\HLINK\FF_in\Karo) for a file called (karodata)xxxxxxddmmyyyy.asr

where xxxxxx is your practice's HLink EDI and ddmmyyyy is the date we made the file. This is the file you are going to upload.


From within Medtech

  • Click on Utilities
  • Select LinkTech
  • Select PHO Import


Fill in the upload screen and run

  • Make sure the next PHO quarter is filled in correctly - it should be the start of the next quarter.
  • Browse for the file (see above) - it should be under your HLink folder HLink\FF_in\Karo\
  • In the options part, select ONLY 'Update patient enrolment funding status'.(please UNTICK all other boxes)


PHO Import New 2017

Updated: December 2018

Click on OK to load the file.

For assistance, phone Karo (04) 384 1177.