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Medtech advanced forms

Karo are specialists in developing high quality advanced forms to use with Medtech's practice management system. We have developed a range of forms for PHOs and practices to record clinical screening events.

Our advanced forms include

Smoking Advice and Cessation

  •     smoking assessment (view)
  •     smoking cessation (view)

Mental Health

  •     mental health referral (view)
  •     mental health initial (view)
  •     mental health follow up (view)
  •     mental health discharge (view)

  • Other Assessments and Screening
    •     youth HEADSS assessment (view)
    •     COPD
    •     family violence (view)
    •     sexual health
    •     Care Plus
    •     hearing/vision check
    •     cervical screening
    •     palliative care
    •     workplace review

    •     register management report (view)
    •     care plus report
    •     flu report
    •     IPIF report

    Reporting service

    Karo has also developed back-end reporting for some of our advanced forms. Using your data, we generate reports in MS Excel and email them back to you on a quarterly basis.

    The reports include information needed to complete the reporting requirements. They also help you with clinical monitoring, funding applications and assessing trends in your patients' health status.