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PHO FFS analysis

This spreadsheet is a summary of the amount of Fee For Service (FFS) deductions, number of FFS visits and average deductions for patients for your PHO. View a sample report (pdf 481kb) A description of each sheet follows.


This page is a brief summary of your payments and FFS deductions for the month. On the right side of the page, there are clickable links to each sheet, except to the graphs (it is not possible to create a clickable link to a graph in Excel).

Deduction summary

First Contact Care (FCC)  summary for the month

This shows the First Contact Care amount (which is the same as on the register analysis spreadsheet) for each practice, adds GST, then subtracts the Fee for Service (FFS) and gives you the GST inclusive and exclusive balances.

Additional low cost payments for the month

This shows the additional monthly low cost payments (VLCA, U6s, U13s) that the Ministry of Health may be paying in the current month to each practice in your PHO that has met the eligibility criteria (i.e., low fees).

Deductions history by date of deduction

This summarises the dollar amount for the PHO since the PHO's registers have been processed by Karo. The information will show seasonal and other trends such as

  • people using after-hour medical clinics
  • people using doctors in another area e.g., when on holiday
  • people using other doctors for personal reasons

Some of the monthly variation is due to claiming patterns rather than visiting patterns.

Your PHO may use this information to make management decisions such as longer opening hours.

Deduction graph

This sheet shows FFS deductions for the PHO (for a maximum of the previous two years) in graph form.

It shows the pattern of FFS deductions for your PHO over time, and reflects both use and claiming patterns.

Visit numbers

This sheet is a summary of visits for the PHO.

The table shows the actual numbers of visits by the month of the visit as opposed to the deduction summary which is based on the date the claims were paid by the MoH.

It shows the number of visits made to other practices, where a casual GMS claim has been made in each month.

This information is based on patient behaviour, not practice administration processes.

Trends that may show here are flu or a norovirus outbreak in your community.

Visit numbers graph

This sheet shows FFS Visits for the PHO (for a maximum of the previous two years).

It is a graphical representation of the data on the Visit numbers sheet.

Average dedns (deductions)

This table is the average deductions per quarter per patient over time. It uses the total number of patients funded in the quarter and the total deductions in the quarter and calculates the average per patient. This table is useful for planning purposes and to see whether any changes in after hours arrangements have an impact on your FFS deductions. It is likely there will be seasonal variations with deductions increasing during the winter quarter.

Average dedns (deductions) graph 

This is a graphical representation of the data on the 'Average dedns'' sheet.