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Cervical screening

There are two sources of cervical screening information that we received at Karo:

  • NSU (National Screening Unit) data which, since March 2016, we receive monthly, this data is sent to us towards the end of the month and should be up-to-date with almost all screening done in the previous month
  • PMS data which is sent to us via the Clinical Event Export (either monthly or quarterly depending on your PHO).

The data source for the IPIF cervical screening indicator is the National Screening Unit. so at the end of the day what is in NSU is what counts. We now have a report which compares the results from the two data sources and you may find some issues between the two.

There are a few things you can check to ensure that the data from your PMS is accurate:

  1. Check that your screening term outcomes are set up correctly - click here for the recommended screening codes and outcomes.
  2. If there are women on our reports showing as overdue who are exempt from needing a cervical smear, to get them removed from our system, do a screening for them with the outcome of HYST or another outcome that maps back to 'X' in the screening template set-up. We will receive that information as part of the next export and will know they are exempt, and they will show up as exempt on future reports.
  3. If a woman has been screened with you or elsewhere, make sure you complete a screening template (code CX) for her. Otherwise we won't have a record of the screening being completed.
  4. Please ensure that women who have not responded to recalls are not marked as exempt! To check if  the Non Responder category is set up properly, go to the screening set-up, select the cervical screening template and the 'add a code for Non Responder' (if it doesn't already exist), and make sure the Outcome Ind is set to 'I'.

The screenshot below shows you how to add a new Non Responder Outcome in MedTech: