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Tamariki Ora advanced form installation

Karo has developed step-by-step instructions for installing the Tamariki Ora advanced form.

Installation of the form must be done by a skilled user. The instructions below assume that you understand Medtech. If you require assistance, please contact Medtech or Karo (phone 04 384 1177).

Installation steps

1. Import the supplied Advanced Form (Well Child - Tamariki Ora 2019 (WCTO2MT).xml) into Medtech.

2. Set up HealthLink so that you can send and receive messages from Karo Data Managment


3. Instructions for setting up HealthLink for Karo

  • If you are in a PHO that uses Karo, this may have already been done.
  • Set up the Message Trasfer Utility to run automatically (this may already be done on your system).


4. Set up the Tamariki Ora Advanced Form path to the HealthLink folder

  • The default path for the Advanced Form is "C:\HLink\FF_Out\Karo\". If this is where your HealthLink is set up, you don't need to do anything.
  • If it is different, go into the Advanced Form setup, click on the Second Tab and edit the path to the Karo folder to match yours.


5. Create a generic Tamariki Ora/Well Child Referral

The Well Child Referral button on the referrals part of the Tamariki Ora form will open a generic Well Child Referral (WCREF) outbox document. So, for this feature to work, an outbox document with this code needs to be set up.


6.  Check measurements

Check to make sure the following screening codes are set up and the measurement data type is a number (not text):

  • HCIR – Head Circumference – measured in cms
  • Height – measured in cms
  • WT – Weight – measured in kgs


7. (Optional) Set up growth charts

Please note that the growth charts are not the New Zealand standard. However, if you wish to use them anyway, you need to:

  • Click on Utilities, Health Assessment Tools and Growth Charts.
  • Make sure that your codes are set to the appropriate screening codes (Height HT, Weight WT and Head Circumference HCIR) at the bottom left of the screen.