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Updating patient's funding status

Sometimes a patient’s date of birth is changed inbetween sending your register to Karo/MoH and receiving the upload file back from Karo/MoH. In this case, when you upload the patient's file into Medtech, their funding status will not be updated. Medtech has a notification during the upload when this happens and also lists those patients on their report.

If you know the patient is funded for the quarter, you can update it in Medtech but you have to do it manually. This is the only time you should need to do this for a patient.


First log into Medtech and load up the patient.


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Once you have the patient loaded, you can open the patient register by pressing F3 or using the Module menu. Under the second tab (Enrolment Funding) you will find the Funding Details. If these are greyed out, you need to follow the following steps, otherwise go to Step 2.


Step 1: Enabling patient register funding status and dates

To do this you need to open up the location settings. This is found under the Setup menu and then location.


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Double click on your practice to open up the location menu and find the Forms/Form Nos tab. Under the Enrolment section, you should find a check box called Disable patient register funding dates. Make sure this box is unchecked. Click OK and a message box will appear saying you need to exit MedTech for the changes to take effect.


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Exit MedTech.

Step 2: Editing the funding status

After logging back in, you need to re-load the patient. Once you have loaded the patient, press F3 to open up the patient register. The funding status and dates will be available to change now.


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  • Update the 'Funding Status' to 'Funded' (F)
  • Leave the 'Funding From' date as it is
  • Update the 'Funding To' date to the end of the quarter (31 March, 30 June, 30 September or 31 December).


Step 3: Re-locking the funding status

Once you have made all the changes you need to the funding status, you should repeat Step 1, this time making sure the Disable patient register funding dates box is checked again. Then exit MedTech.


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