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PHO CVDRA analysis

This spreadsheet is a progress report of the IPIF CVDRA indicator for the quarter.  It includes details by practice. View a sample report (pdf 302kb)  A description of each sheet follows.


This sheet shows a combination of the work done so far this quarter and progress against the IPIF target.

The first figure is the total CVDRA done this quarter (note if you are looking at a start of quarter baseline report this number will be 0 as will the numbers in the following 4 rows).

The next 4 figures are a breakdown of that total as follows:

  • new patients are patients who have joined the practice since the register submission and are therefore not included in the IPIF target
  • patients who have already had a CVDRA in the last 5 years and are therefore already counted in the IPIF target
  • the next group of patients have had a CVDRA done but are outside the age range for the IPIF target
  • the final group are patients whose CVDRA will "improve" the PHO IPIF indicator numbers
The next group of numbers are self explanatory with the last one being the key "Number to do to reach the target"

By practice

The summary by practice sheet has exactly the same information but is broken down by practice.

This enables the PHO to quickly and easily see which practices have not reached the target - as it has the total CVDRA done it gives you more information for the conversation with the practice.


CMDHB Summary

The summary is required by PHOs in Counties Manukau DHB area to fulfill their reporting requirements. It is included in all PHO sheets though as it is a useful breakdown by ethnicity and High Needs - it is valid data regardless of the DHB you are in.