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Well Child Tamariki Ora Update January 2019

This update has been released to meet new Ministry of Health (MoH) reporting requirements, regarding the 'Smokefree Homes' System Leavel Measure.


See below for:

Installation Steps

What changes are in this update

Download the instructions as a document:

Well Child Tamariki Ora - Update Instructions January 2019


For further information from the MoH regarding these changes – see here

Installation Steps

The instructions below expect that you understand MedTech and HealthLink.

If you require additional assistance with the update please first contact your IT Support and then if needed contact Karo Data Management (04 384 1177).


  1. Check that you have the update file Well Child - Tamariki Ora 2019 (WCTO2MT).xml (This will be attached to the email that you were sent)
  2. Save this file to the MedTech bin UNL folder usually either M:\bin\UNL or M:\mt32\bin\UNL
  3. Open MedTech
  4. Goto Setup - Advanced Forms - Advanced Forms Manager
  5. Select "MedTech (MT)" in the Publisher field and then select "WCTO – Well Child – Tamariki Ora 2015"
  6. On the menu bar at the top click on "Advanced Forms" – Click on "Import Form"
  7. Browse to the  UNL folder into which the Well Child- Tamariki Ora 2019(WCTO2MT).xml file was saved in step 2 above, select the file and click OK
  8. Click Validate - Click Import
  9. Double click on the form, select the Actions tab and check that the path listed in the "Send to HealthLink folder" field is correct for your server. If not, change it. If correct, close the setup windows.
  10. Open a new Tamariki Ora Form and click on the Admin Tab and check that the Version is now 3.1901

What changes are in this update

Most of these updates are to meet the new MoH reporting requirements for the System Level Measures


There are changes on the INTERVENTION TAB:

 1. If the check is a Core Check and it is a Core 1 then two fields are now compulsory to be completed:

  •         Someone in household smokes
  •         Child exposed to smoking


        2. TheSomeone in household smokes definition has changed slightly:

  •         The question to ask the caregiver is “Is there anyone in your household who is a tobacco smoker” (it is important to note that the answer is still yes even if they never smoke at home)
  •          If the answer to this question is yes then both the Brief Advice and Cessation support questions will become compulsory


        3.   Smokefree Home

  •        The question to ask is the caregiver is “During the past 3 days did you or any other person smoke in places while your baby was there?”
  •         If the answer to this question is yes then the Brief Advice question will become compulsory 


        4.  Brief Advice Given

  •        Is now compulsory if either of the two questions above are answered as yes
  •         If this is answered as no then the cessation support will be assumed to also be no


        5. Cessation Support Given

  •        Is now compulsory if someone in the household smokes or if the ‘Brief Advice Given’ is answered as yes
  •        If cessation support is provided then please also complete who you referred them to for cessation support


There are also 3 small changes to the information in the MAIN tab:

Note: These are not for MoH reporting requirements.


  1. Enrolment date can no longer be changed after the initial entry of the first form completed for the Tamariki – updates to this field have been causing problems in the reporting so please make it is correct when you first enter it.

  2. An optional field has been added ‘Clinical Referral Received’, Yes/No, this is a requirement for providers in MidCentral and will provide interesting information for other areas.

  3. In the Contact Type drop down box there is another option, being ‘Admin’, this is for when you are doing administration for the client, e.g. ending an enrolment. 

This update has been released to meet new Ministry of Health (MoH) reporting requirements, regarding the ‘Smokefree Homes’ System Level Measure