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Register Checks

Prior to sending your register to Karo it is a good idea to check for any patients who might be rejected for funding because of incomplete recording of patient details.

The following are three (3) ways in Medtech32 that you can use to find this information along with reasons a patient might be rejected for funding.

1) Create a set of queries using the QueryBuilder (see here for some sample screenshots)


2) Download the MedTech query .qbu file below and save in a location that medtech can access
Reminder: for some of these queries you will need to change the date to the relevant quarter/month

Issues with the patient name:


Issues with the patient DOB:


Issues with the enrolment:


3) Download the SQL file below and run this in medtech - see here for instructions to run an SQL in medtech


If you do not use Medtech32 as your Patient Management System you will need to contact your vendor for similar queries/examples.