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Data Analysis

Karo specialises in analysing data, whether contained in databases we have created and host or in external databases. We then report back to our clients so they can improve patient care and services to their communities.

Recent projects

Cardio-vascular risk assessment

Karo has analysed records of patients who have had a cardiovascular risk assessment with a risk of over 15% to check the medications they are being prescribed. We have also undertaken a cross-matching process to check that the data in decision support systems (e.g., Predict) matches the data in the practice management system and the PHO management system.


Karo has been involved in a diabetes pilot project at Porirua Union Health Service assessing the impact of new diabetes management training for clinicians.


Karo has worked with the ESR on a World Health Organisation funded project to see how many patients admitted with influenza in secondary care had been given flu injections in the previous year.

PHO Performance Programme pilots

Karo has been involved in a number of pilot projects on behalf of the PHO Performance Programme including smoking brief advice and cessation support, Ischaemic CVD (Phase 1 and 2) and Diabetes Phase 2.

Population health

Karo has worked with health analyst Ratana Walker to compare the PHO population with ASH data to identify the top reasons for avoidable hospital admissions by ethnicity and age group. This information can help PHOs to tailor services to the specific needs of their client groups.


If you are interested in enquiring about data analysis services, please contact Susan at