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Tamariki Ora purchase information

Purchase information



Because advanced forms work as part of Medtech, providers wanting to use the WCTO advanced form and reporting service must have already purchased and installed:

  • the Medtech database
  • a Medtech advanced forms licence


For more information, please contact Medtech:


Advanced form

The WCTO advanced form is also purchased from Medtech. The form costs $1,200, plus $325 per year for updates and support.

For more information, please contact Medtech:


Reporting service

The WCTO reporting service is purchased from Karo Data Management. It costs $300 per quarter.

For more information, please contact Aleisha:



What do I need? From whom do I get it? What's the upfront cost? What's the ongoing cost?
Medtech database Medtech Varies (ask Medtech) Varies (ask Medtech)
Advanced forms licence Medtech (some PHOs may provide this for you) Varies (ask Medtech) Varies (ask Medtech)
WCTO advanced form Medtech (some DHBs may fund this for you) $1,200 $325/year
WCTO reporting service Karo $0 $100/month