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PHO New Practice Guide

This is a guide for when you have a new practice joining your PHO

This guide covers if you have either a brand-new practice starting with your PHO or a practice joining your PHO from another PHO.


If your PHO doesn’t use Halcyon please skip to the register management section.

Please consult the Halcyon How to Organisations guide. Contact the Karo Helpdesk if you don't currently have this guide.

If the new practice is using a PMS system that you currently don’t have being used by another practice inside your PHO please contact the Karo Helpdesk as some work may be required to ensure your PHO specific programmes work as expected for the new practice.

Register Management

The Ministry of Health should inform Karo about the practice joining your PHO. But this doesn’t mean however they will provide all the information required. Karo will need the below information to setup the practice for our reporting

Practice (Legal) Name:
Practice HPIorgId:
Practice Trading Name: This is the name you want the practice to be known as
Practice Funding Details: Access or Non-Access*
VLCA: Yes or No
Csc: Yes or No (Does not apply if you are VLCA)
U14s: Yes or No (Does not apply if you are VLCA)
DHB: Which DHB does the practice belong to
Healthlink Edi:
Contact People: Karo will need the full names and email addresses of all contact people at the practice for the CPI export reminder and each report Karo sends to your practices
PMS Type: Particularly if the practice is using Indici
Facility or Provider Breakdown: This is if the practice needs reporting split into any facilities or by provider (GPs)
Limit Info: Yes or No – this is where you decide if the practice sees the SIA and Health Promotion amounts on their register analysis.**

* This is also known as Interim/ LCAF (low cost access formula). Note that no new practices are likely to have an Access (LCAF) funding formula.

**This normally depends on if you pay the practices these as monthly amounts, or use for different programme etc

Please find a template document you can download and complete to send to Karo here

Please use the Setup Karo Healthlink here to set up the Healthlink and please send a test file to Karo to confirm this is working.