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System Level Measures Framework

The System Level Measures Framework (SLM) is the current framework for measuring PHO clinical performance and/or outcomes. This framework replaced the previous Integrated Performance and Incentive Framework (IPIF) which replaced the former PHO Performance Management Programme (PPP).

The MoH web site covers the following:

Currently the $23 million incentive pool available for PHOs is split into 3 payments. Payments are made based on the number of enrolled patients in the PHO with:

  • 25% paid up front in July
  • 50% paid once the MoH approves the district alliance's improvement plan (Sept of the current year)
  • 25% paid based on quarter four perfomance (Sept following the end of the year)

The last 25% is paid based on performance under the following measures:

  • ASH rates for zero to four year olds
  • Acute hospital bed days per capita
  • Patient experience of care
  • national health target "Better help for smokers to quit" (Smoking)
  • national health target "Increased immunisation for eight-month olds" (Immunisation)

Of these only the "Better help for smokers to quit" target is measured using data supplied to the MoH from PHOs.

In addition, depending on the district alliance's improvement plan, PHOs may also be measured on: