Register Management

Karo's register management software, Monitor, is used to process the registers of 23 PHOs and 1 DHB covering over 3 million patients.

Monitor meets all the MoH register management requirements.

Loads, checks and processes the Ministry of Health - National Enrolment System (NES) files.

Loads the Fee For Service deductions.

Combines information from the practices to generate the utilisation and clinical performance indicator files for end of quarter reporting.

Prepares reports at both PHO and practice level, including detailed updates, analysis and graphical representations.

Karo uses Monitor to complete the register processing and submission on behalf of most of the PHOs and the DHB with which it works. A few PHOs (typically larger ones, with their own in-house IT department) use Monitor under licence from Karo to manage their register processing themselves.

Karo's register processing service is practice management system (PMS) vendor neutral (that is, it works with all the different practice management systems in use in NZ).