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The data source for childhood immunisation indicators is the National Immunisation Register (NIR). Karo receives immunisation data via the clinical event export however the source of the data is the PMS and that is not what is being used for the System Level Measure.

There are some ongoing issues around new migrants and children going overseas. Known new migrants and children going overseas should have been removed from the SLM denominator.

Eight-month-old immunisations

The SLM 8 month childhood immunisation indicator is based on the number of children enrolled in the PHO (at the end of the 4th quarter) who are recorded as fully immunised at eight months on the National Immunisation Register (NIR). It is not possible to retrospectively count these children following a catch up programme.

The national immunisation goal is for 95 percent of children to be fully immunised at eight months of age. This means they will have their primary course of immunisation on time at six weeks, three months and five months.

Other immunisations

The clinical event export contains all immunisations that have been recorded for enrolled patients in the PMS. This means this data can be used for purposes other than childhood immunisations e.g. counting the number over patients who have received flu vaccinations in a given period.