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Cervical Report

This spreadsheet is a report of the Cervical Screening information for the month.  It includes details by practice. View a sample report (pdf 346kb)  See here for more information about this indicator. A description of each sheet follows.


The summary page contains a table of several values. This table has two columns NSU Data and PMS Data - which represent the two data sources we have for cervical screening information.

The values are as below:

  • Female Patients aged 25-69 – The number of Female Patients aged 25-69 enrolled in your PHO
  • Exemption Adjustment – the reduction in the number of patients as per a MoH calculation (to allow for women who are exempt from cervical screening)
  • Actually Recorded as Exempt – the number of patients who are actually recorded as exempt
  • Adjusted Population – The number of Female Patients aged 25-69 on your current register less the exemption adjustment this is the denominator for the next lines
  • Screened – The number of patients who have been screened
  • % Screened – The percentage of the adjusted population who have been screened

  • Cervical Screening Target – The Target Number of Screenings
  • Number to do to reach the target (As per NSU) – the number of new screenings required to hit the target as per the NSU data, which is what is used by MoH and DHBs.

  • Not Screened in either System – The number of patients who aren’t recorded as exempt who haven’t received a CX Screen in either system
  • Not Screened in NSU but screened in PMS – The number of patients who are marked as screened in the PMS but not in NSU - note some of these will be due to delay in loading screening into NSU i.e. it is not recorded until lab results are reported back to NSU
  • Not Screened in PMS but screened in NSU – – The number of Females aged 25-69 who have been screened in NSU but not in the PMS - note some of these will be patients whose screening was done in another setting


The practice sheet has the same information but it is broken down by practice.

This enables the PHO to quickly and easily see which practices have or have not the target.


This spreadsheet contains a table showing the below same values as the previous sheets but instead broken down by Ethnicity.

DHB Reports

These tables are here to enable the relevant PHOs to complete some specific DHB reports.