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Smoking READ Codes

READ Code Description Mapping
137.. Tobacco consumption Code Not Accepted
1371 Never smoked tobacco Non Smoker
1372 Trivial smoker - < 1 cig/day Smoker
1373 Light smoker - 1-9 cigs/day Smoker
1374 Moderate smoker - 10-19 cigs/d Smoker
1375 Heavy smoker - 20-39 cigs/day Smoker
1376 Very heavy smoker - 40+cigs/d Smoker
1377 Ex-trivial smoker (<1/day) Ex Smoker
1378 Ex-light smoker (1-9/day) Ex Smoker
1379 Ex-moderate smoker (10-19/day) Ex Smoker
137A. Ex-heavy smoker (20-39/day) Ex Smoker
137B. Ex-very heavy smoker (40+/day) Ex Smoker
137C. Keeps trying to stop smoking Smoker
137D. Admitted tobacco cons untrue Code Not Accepted
137E. Tobacco consumption unknown Code Not Accepted
137F. Ex-smoker - amount unknown Ex Smoker
137G. Trying to give up smoking Smoker
137H. Pipe smoker Smoker
137I. Passive smoker Code Not Accepted
137J. Cigar smoker Smoker
137K. Stopped smoking Ex Smoker
137L. Current non-smoker Non Smoker
137M. Rolls own cigarettes Smoker
137N. Ex pipe smoker Ex Smoker
137O. Ex cigar smoker Ex Smoker
137P. Cigarette smoker Smoker
137Q. Smoking started Smoker
137R. Current smoker Smoker
137S. Ex smoker Ex Smoker
137Z. Tobacco consumption NOS Smoker
E2510 Tobacco dependence-unspecified Smoker
E2511 Tobacco dependence-continuous Smoker
E2512 Tobacco dependence-episodic Smoker
E2513 Tobacco depend. - in remission Ex Smoker
E251z Tobacco dependence NOS Smoker
ZPSA10 Current Smoker NFD Smoker